Supervisors and Workforce Management

Koji Suzuki, Process Improvement Japan

From the diary of Koji Suzuki...

This is my reflection on a supervisor`s role in workforce management.

There are many people assigned to be supervisors. Supervisors are called by different names such as Director, Manager, etc. Doubtless, it is one of the most important positions in a company.

The supervisor should be a trainer of his/her subordinates and should manage all of the jobs for which he/she is responsible.

To be a trainer, the supervisor must know his/her area well. The supervisor who cannot operate a machine cannot instruct people on how to operate it. The person who doesn`t know how to analyze production cost cannot lead people to do it.

According to a dictionary, "super" is on top, over, beyond, exceeding, transcending, of higher kind, more than usual, etc..., A "super-visor" should not be a "weak-visor".

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