Total Preventive Maintenance in Manufacturing Industry

by viral
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

In a company, the change over time is 2.5 hrs and there is no system of Preventive maintenance.

What I planned to do for preventive maintenance is as follow:

1. Each individual should decide in advance what work they have to do.
2. They will decide the time frame for completing the same.
3. Employee must start the work and finish the same in the decided time frame.
4. Change over time is 2.5 hrs. So if possible the regular maintenance should be done at that time itself.
5. The maintenance work which consumes substantial period of time should be done on a weekly basis.
6. Maintenance schedule should be prepared, so that the same doesn't disturb the production process and also it will help further in proper production planning.

My problem is that I have thought of designing the system as mentioned above. I am not an engineering student hence I dont know how should I proceed.

My other problem is that I dont have any experience on how to motivate the employees.

I dont know how to start the process and what steps should I follow to implement the same in a best possible manner.
I need help.

Hello Viral,

Thank you for your question!

We would advise looking at your situation differently,
First, you must construct a maintenance schedule that includes periodic inspection, periodic servicing, preventative repair, patrol inspection, and corrective maintenance.

This is a lot of work, so select your priorities and decide what goes first.

In production, it is necessary to: estimate cost, schedule, quantity of required work and required maitenance time.

A company always needs to think about preventative maintenance - review maintenance intervals, periodic inspection and maintenance records.
Create a record sheet.
In the record include the names of all equipment, what kind of checks are necessary, the frequency of checks and description of work to be carried out.

Think about when to carry out preventative maintenance:
if you have to stop the equipment and a long time is required. carry out maintenance work on holidays.
When equipment must be stopped, but only a short time is needed, carry out maintenance during rest periods.
When you don`t have to stop the equipment, carry out maintenance work while the equipment is in operation.

In maintence work there are at least three items to check:
process capacity/capability - for better quality
process efficiency - for cost
process cycle time- for lead time

In terms of motivation, have a look at our Motivation page. I think there are some key basic truths that can help you out.

Process improvement Japan

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