Dr. Shigeo Shingo

It's safe to say that Shigeo Shingo is the grandfather of Total Quality Control.  Process Improvement methods owe alot to this man. He was an industrial engineer who specialized in industrial processes and helped to form the Toyota Production System.

Dr. Shingo mastered the concept of Kaizen. He had the skills and wisdom to understand that correct and efficient processes go hand in hand with employee engagement - the essentials to successful lean manufacturing. Dr. Shingo was also an international consultant, introducing the Toyota Production System concepts to a broad range of industries apart from manufacturing.

“When you buy bananas all you want is the fruit not the skin, but you have to pay for the skin also. It is a waste. And you the customer should not have to pay for the waste.” - Shigeo Shingo

Dr. Shigeo Shingo`s Biography:

1930- Graduated from Yamanashi Technical College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Employed by Taipei Railway Factory.
Starts becoming interested in Improvement activities and scientific management.
1943- Working with the Ministry of Munitions, he is employed as the Manufacturing Section Chief at the Amano Manufacturing Plant. He raises productivity by 100%. He works with other divisions of manufacturing and continues to increase productivity.
1945- Becomes a member of the Japan Management Association
1946 - Reports at at Japan Management Association Technical Conference that processes and operations are inseparable.
He begins investigation on productivity problems associated with plant lay out.
1951- Begins his research on Statistical Quality Control
1954- After achieving excellent results from incorporating Dr. Shingo`s methods, Toyota Motor Corporation hires Dr. Shingo as a consultant.
1955 - Dr. Shingo leads industrial engineering and factory improvement training at the Toyota Motor Corporation.
1956- Leads a 3 year study on ship building at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding. He is able to create a system that reduces production time by 50%.
1959- Founds the Institute of Management Improvement
1960- Fully develops the SMED system to achieve zero quality defects.

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