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Navigating blocks and barriers in order to create smooth flow of operations, innovation and creative output.  It's an outcome that can result only from the harnessing of skills, techniques, self-awareness and effective strategy execution.

Process Improvement Japan is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life.  We practice what we preach in both our professional and personal lives.  We believe in negotiation and innovation - two practices that make a huge impact.

Written from our unique perspective, keep up with our latest posts and events here on this page.

Process Improvement - Toyota`s Lean Way Blog is our journal about the process improvement mindset and method.

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Leading High Performance Teams Training

Leading high performance teams training - ensure process improvement techniques and strategies could be properly implemented with effective communication and negotiation skills

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Process Design and Improvement

Process Design and Improvements can be done, in house, for the fraction of the cost of hiring a consultancy firm to do the heavy lifting.

Continue reading "Process Design and Improvement"

Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting on preparing for automation and artificial intelligence leveraging Toyota's process improvement methodology. Find out more.

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Process Improvement, Toyota Motor Corporation`s lean business strategy

Our mission is to challenge the status quo within your organization through the Toyota Way of Process Improvement.

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Continuous Professional Development

2 FOR 1 SALE NOW ON - Our training programs are endorsed by several professional associations for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points and recognition

Continue reading "Continuous Professional Development"

Lean Manufacturing Training - Back to the Basics

Some lean manufacturing training is overly complicated, if you`re looking for Toyota`s basic success recipe, here it is.

Continue reading "Lean Manufacturing Training - Back to the Basics"

Management By Walking Around (MBWA) - an essential strategy

Management by walking around - a Toyota production system strategy

Continue reading "Management By Walking Around (MBWA) - an essential strategy"

Lean office & The Fixed Number Assumption

Koji Suzuki`s view on the starting point for effective lean office management.

Continue reading "Lean office & The Fixed Number Assumption"

Continuous Improvement Process - productivity through engagement

Create a working environment where workers can suggest improvements – the essence of the Continuous Improvement Process

Continue reading "Continuous Improvement Process - productivity through engagement"

Business Process Improvement - Adopt the strengths of The Toyota Way

A break down of the Japanese business process improvement and lean kaizen philosophy

Continue reading "Business Process Improvement - Adopt the strengths of The Toyota Way"

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