Lean Manufacturing Tools

The Toyota manufacturing system utilized many lean manufacturing tools in order to ensure total quality control at the lowest cost possible.

At Toyota Motor Corporation, they don`t just make things (monozukuri), they make people (hitozukuri).
This is one of their key success strategies.

Toyota Manufacturing, Process Improvement Japan

Toyota`s Lean Manufacturing Tools

  • Well developed Roles and Daily Duties of the Plant Manager, Supervisor, Group Leader & Team Leader
  • Total Quality Control
  • Principles of Total Quality Management
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Lean Kaizen
  • Standardization
  • 5s Principles
  • Visual Factory Management

"Toyota manufacturing could not sustain it`s profits and growth without these tools," says Kozo Sakano. "Indeed, whenever Toyota Plants fail to properly implement these tools, you can see the negative effects straight away."


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Leadership Styles & Daily Schedules of
Plant Management

Toyota manufacturing`s Roles and Daily Duties of the Plant Manager, Supervisor, Group Leader & Team Leaders.

This e-book breaks down role and day to day duties of the plant assistant manager, plant supervisor, group leader and team leader as performed at the Toyota Motor Corporation.

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in implementing process improvement in their plant. Benchmark your lean production efforts against the best in the manufacturing industry.

"Managing process improvement is an art as well as a science. Toyota has developed a well organized schedule for their leaders to follow that ensures Total Quality Control. This E-book is well worth the investment. In fact, it is priceless."
Kozo Sakano, Process Improvement japan

For 5s Principles into Practice Training, click here.

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