Leading High Performance Teams Training

Leading High Performance Teams Training is a core focus of the Toyota Group’s human resource departments.  They design and implement training for leaders to enable them with the tools and skills to execute excellence in a sustainable manner to ensure long term growth and innovation.

Angela Corriero was fortunate to have been a part of this training team for several Toyota Group companies in Japan.  Her value add was to ensure process improvement techniques and strategies could be properly implemented globally with effective communication and negotiation skills - assisting executives and engineers to navigate cross cultural influence and persuasion.

“You can have all the right methodologies, but if you cannot navigate the human element of process design and improvement, you will fail”, advises Angela.  Teams need to feel part of the process, understand the need for change and agree with the changes taking place.  All of this must be negotiated.  Naturally, people can resist change - especially when it is imposed on them.  

Ask yourself the following:

  1.  How do I engage my team in improvements?
  2. How do I ensure that changes are measured, tracked and incorporated into our business as usual activities as a sustainable and stable cycle of continuous change?
  3. How do I navigate resistance and politics within the teams/organisation?

The answers to these questions will be the core to leading your high performance team success.

Next, ask yourself:

      4. What skills do I need to execute on this?

From the Source

Angela Corriero had the opportunity to be mentored by the former Senior Managing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr Yasuhito Yamauchi,  on leadership and excellence.  Learn more about his advice on Motivation in the Workplace by clicking here. 

Leading High Performance Teams means creating alignment and ensure everyone has a stake in the game.  This will unleash motivation, passion and purpose within teams and drive not only change, but excellence.

Leading High Performance Teams Training

At Process Improvement Japan, we show you HOW to lead high performance teams with simple, effective principles and a play book on methods drawn from the great leaders at the Toyota Group plus negotiation tips and tricks based on the Harvard Program on Negotiation to assist in navigating the complex world of human interactions and the strive for excellence.

Harnessing your team’s power will be one of the most important moves you make as a leader.

For more information on our training programs, please contact us.

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