Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa is one of the world`s foremost authorities on quality control. He has helped thousands of companies, including IBM, Bridgestone, and Komatsu, to turn out higher quality products at much lower costs. His book What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way, Prentice Hall, Inc. was a best seller in business books.

"Through total quality control with the particpation of all employees, including the president, any company can create better products (or service) at a lower cost, increase sales, improve profit and make the company into a better organization" says Dr. Ishikawa.

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa`s Biography:

1939- Graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Tokyo
Employed in coal liquefaction and obtained experience in design, construction, operations, research.
1939 - 1941 - Naval Technical Officer In charge of 600 workers to construct a factory. - this experience he says was invaluable to QC activities later on.
1947 - Researcher, University of Tokyo, began studying statistical methods
1949- jointed JUSE QC research group and became an instructor.

Dr. Ishikawa states that the following thought processes guided him:
1. Engineers who pass judgment based on their experimental data, must know statistical methods by heart.

2. Japan does not have an abundance of natural resources and must import raw materials and foodstuffs from overseas. This means that exports must be expanded. The days of cheaply produced, poor quality goods for export are over. Japan must endeavor to make high quality goods at low cost. For that reason, quality control and statistical quality control must be conducted with utmost care.

3. The eight years that I spent in the nonacademic world after my graduation taught me that Japanese industry and society behaved very irrationally. I began to feel that by studying quality control, and by applying QC properly, the irrational behaviour of industry and society could be corrected. In other words, I felt that the application of QC could accomplish revitalization of industry and effect a though revolution in management."

1952- Director of the Chemical Society of Japan
1969- Member of ISO, Japan
1970- Commenced conducting quality control training seminars.
Consultant to Ford Motor Company, Bridgestone Co. Ltd, Komatsu Manufacturing, Ltd., IBM Japan, American Society for Quality Control and thousands of other companies.
1977 -Chairman of ISO, Japan
1981- Executive Member of ISO
1981- Published What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way, first edition.

What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way, by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, Prentice-Hall Ltd.
Toyota Motor Company representatives
Kozo Sakano, Process Improvement Japan

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