Kaizen Philosophy - Understanding Lean Production

The Kongo-gumi construction company of Japan is the oldest company in the world, It is over 1500 years old. There are also over 2,000 companies in Japan that are more than 100 years old. There is a reason these companies continue to exist and thrive. Japan`s philosophy of growing in harmony with nature`s laws are fundamental to their success. Operating in accord with kaizen philosophy is exactly that: in harmony with nature.

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Kaizen Philosophy     A Mindset Rather than a Strategy

Lean production keeps a company efficient and strong; growing in abundant times and able to withstand difficult times. Companies, just like nature, undergo seasons.

THE SEVERE WINTER                                                                                                                   By Mitsuo Aida

It is the season
When a tree throws away the unnecessary.
It is the season
When a tree glows in solitude.

It is the season
When a tree extends its roots quietly.

And most of all,
It is the season of the year
When a tree begins to mature most
In the process of botanical growth.

By Kozo Sakano

A company should be like a tree, which eliminates all kinds of waste
To survive in times of severity.

A company brightens and looks most attractive only when it is lean.

Like a tree, which extends its roots quietly in winter,

A company must strengthen its foundations, even in times of austerity.
All the while, protecting its life force.

By way of technological development and lean kaizen efforts to achieve
Higher quality and productivity.
Thus maintaining its inner drive and momentum.

The spring will eventually arrive after the severe winter season
With the delightful sureness of the cycle of life.

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