Just In Time Manufacturing

Make or convey only what is needed, when it is needed, in the amount needed = No accumulation. This is the Toyota Production System`s law of just In time manufacturing.

Basic Principles

1. Continuous Flow Processing

2. Takt time based on necessary quantities

3. Pull system (following process withdrawals necessary amount of parts)

To efficiently produce products in large volumes, it is necessary to have a complicated and precise plan for parts procurement and production. If we can respond to this production plan by supply just-in-time we can eliminate waste and inconsistencies.

This will result in improved lean production.

Just In Time or On Time?

Koji Suzuki, lean sensei, Process Improvement Japan

From the diary of Hiro Suzuki...

A Toyota Way expert vising a UK company to train executives on the basics of The Toyota Production System. When he talked about `Just In Time Manufacturing`, one person asked him in English, "In time" is not entirely satisfactory to express your concept. I think `On Time` is better than `In Time`. Don`t you want to change the expression from `In` to `On`?"

The TPS expert answered: I do not understand English well, but I am very confident with this wording. The products should be delivered to the customer by 3pm No one can deliver them just at 3pm.
To be "In Time" is one of the most important rules of The Toyota Production System.

Through this example, I would like to point out the following:

1. Wording is not only a language issue, but also an important expression of a philosophy.

2. Our daily life, including our work life, is mostly controlled by time. I want to make every effort to be "In Time" and hope you will too.

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