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How to motivate employees? "Creating a corporate culture of cooperation and respect for the individulal is essential for a company to stay strong, flexible and young.", Mr. Akira Takahashi, Fmr Chairman, Denso Corporation

Process Improvement Japan is undertaking the challenge to dissect the way Toyota Motor Corporation and its supplier companies have successfully implemented employee engagement strategies.

Employee engagement literally means that all employees participate in activities to achieve the company`s goals. But it may not be as easy as it sounds. When a company loses its flexibility and vision, each department may stop considering the company`s interests as a whole. They may think that even if their company loses its competitiveness, it`s all right as long as their own department is fine. This narrow-mindedness or sectionalism can emerge in any organization. Or, employees can lose morale and commit for other reasons such as a lack of empowering leadership, a lack of team spirit, etc.

How to motivate employees and immunize ourselves from sectionalism?

One way is to establish a corporate culture that takes advantage of employee`s individual talents and the strength of teamwork. In the workplace, with such a corporate culture, people can be more vitalized and flexible.

We decided to go to the source and ask employees directly:

What Motivates You?:

Mr. Li: "Accomplishment. My Supervisor trusts me to do my best. I have many ideas. Some ideas do not lead to profit for the company but I want to try. If my supervisor doesn`t give me the flexibility to experiment, I have no chance to improve myself or perform proper kaizen. Many problems occur on a day-to-day basis. When there is a problem, I want to solve it. My boss gives me the opportunity to implement my kaizen suggestions."

Mr. Hayakawa: "My job has a purpose."

Mr. Uemae: "I enjoy my work. I have the chance to increase my abilities and learn new things. It`s exciting. I don`t mind putting in extra hours when I have to."

Mr Yoshioka: "Recognition. Rewards and salary are not the key point but they do reflect achievement. I want the opportunity to challenge myself and gain experience. I want to be appreciated for my contribution. It`s the small things like compliments and expressions of thanks that lift my spirits."

Mr Minami: "When I make suggestions and they are accepted, I get really excited. Plus, I want to do my job efficiently so I can go home to my family."

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