How to Implement Kaizen Effectively & Without Resistance?

by Yuvaraj

In a Manufacturing factory, Even We are doing many a number of kaizens, the operators who are actually performing an operation tend to show resistance to change despite the new method is easier & time saving...

and some times, consistency isn't there in shop-floor in following new methods implemented thro kaizen...

what can be done to eliminate RESISTANCE?
what can be done to bring CONSISTENCY?

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Jun 20, 2015
Participation of employee and monitoring consistancy NEW
by: sushil patil

Many time operator resist to do kaizen because of their wrong perception. As usual they think that their work load will increase. In such case kaizen what is going to implement should be effective.Means by doing kaizen operators work load should eliminate and he should gain confidence by making quality job. Also, participate operator by taking his valuable suggestions and his involvement in kaizen. After getting success he should reward.In this way maximum operator should take part in kaizen and make operator competing for kaizen competition. Also, its our job to monitor kaizen is working and sustainance plan.

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