Process Improvement Japan`s Factory Tours &

On Site Gemba Kaizen Training


Come and see for yourself the way Toyota companies conduct lean production. Factory tours are strictly limited.

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Our mission is to challenge the status quo within your organization. Process Improvement Japan offers an insider`s experience of The Toyota Production System in action through tours & on-site gemba kaizen training with our established ties with top Toyota Motor Corporation suppliers. We also offer you the unique opportunity to consult directly with lean production experts in the field in English and/or with full translation service.

These tours are ideal for companies looking to raise the bar on their own production methods and gain a greater understanding of what lean manufacturing and employee engagement entails. We also host university groups on educational tours.

What is your interest?

  • 5s principles and lean 5s
  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Lean manufacturing tools
  • Kaizen philosophy
  • Toyota Production System
  • Total Quality Management
  • Total Quality Control
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Jidoka

Process Improvement Japan is very proud to organize factory tours with some of the best run manufacturing companies in Japan. Private tours can be arranged. View our sample V.I.P Itinerary.

Participant`s Feedback:

"This is truly amazing."

"It was such a great opportunity to talk with the plant manager. He gave me some great tips."

"I just realized...kaizen is about little changes."

"it`s like a tightly run ship in there."

"All the workers truly understand TPS."

We organized a tour for a large private company. After the tour we offered them the chance to speak and consult with the on-site engineers. The group took the opportunity to discuss some of their serious quality control problems. The engineers were able to help them see that they indeed were not performing kaizen correctly so their problems kept reoccurring. (with resulting wasted time, money and resources.) "Without proper standardization, you cannot do kaizen." The plant manager told them.

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