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Process Improvement Japan`s uniqueness is our depth of contacts and connections with experts in the field in Japan`s manufacturing industry, specifically, within Toyota Motor Corporation.

Training and Tours can be tailor made to meet your needs.

Our mission is to deliver the best factory tour that exceeds your expectations and adds value to your enterprise.

Sample Itinerary:

DAY 1 Flight
DAY 2 Arrival & Orientation
DAY 3 Retreat Stay Relax in a Toyota Company Retreat facility with superior hospitality. Experience TPS, TQC & Kaizen in action.
Experts & Executives from TMÇ will join us for a unique learning & networking opportunity.
Enjoy skiing, hot springs & the tastes of Japan
Evening: Lively Quality Management discussion with Toyota experts.
DAY 4 AM: Lecture Series: Introduction to Japanese Corporate Culture & HR Management
PM: Visit to Toyota Commemorative Museum
Evening: Dinner & Culture Night
DAY 5 On-site AM: Lecture- Plant Operations & Total Quality Management
Plant Tour
PM: Discussion sessions with experts in the field
Evening: Dinner & Networking Evening
DAY 6 On-site AM: Toyota Motor Group Company & Plant Tour
PM: Skills Development Sessions: Kaizen, TPS, TQC, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Control
Evening:Lecture Toyota`s Dojo Simulation
DAY 7 On-site AM: Toyota Motor Group Company & Plant Tour
PM: Skills Development Sessions (as above)
Evening: Free time to explore Nagoya
DAY 8 AM: Lecture Series: Employee Engagement & Motivation in the Workplace; Cross Cultural Implementation Challenges
PM: Participant`s Presentations
Evening: Farewell Party
Day 10 Departure

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