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Employee Motivation, Process Improvement Japan

At Toyota companies, employee motivation is high. We have experienced and witness this for ourselves. Why? That is the question. Perhaps, this short story can offer a possible reason:

Several Americans were dispatched to Japan for training. One day, they went on a tour of three plants.

A young employee was guiding them to those plants. One the way from one plant to another, the young guide said, "This is plant is my company, and that is my father`s company.

The Americans were perplexed. The young guide did not seem so rich and he was too young to own a company.

In Japan, the company you work for is your company. The young guide and his father did not own any companies and they were not rich but rather were in one body with the companies. One American noted the sense of unity amongst workers and company - such a sense of unity was one factor that contributed to the development of Japan. It may also be a contributing factor to the high sense of morale and motivation which is noticeable in many Japanese companies, notably in the Toyota manufacturing world.

One key management strategy to increase motivation is Management By Walking Around (MBWA), Click here.

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