The Elimination of Waste

Understanding the value of the elimination of waste: What is waste or "muda" as it is known in Japanese?

Anything that does not add value

Motion - Work= Muda (waste)

Types of Waste that manufacturing process improvement tries to eliminate


Produce greater volumes than what is needed.

Product parts earlier than what is needed.

2. Waiting

Waiting for instructions.

Waiting for materials.

Interruptions from workers or machines.

3. Conveyance

Part conveyance between the parts rack and the line.

4. Processing

Longer lengths than necessary.

Higher quantities than necessary.

Inefficient positioning.

5. Inventory

Excessive inventory.

Too much floor space used to store parts.

Parts rusting or accumulating dirt.

6. Motion

Parts are placed in the incorrect position. Ie: Too high, too low or too far from the point of use.

7. Correction

Parts need deburring or grinding.

Repairs needed due to welding, assembly or shape problems.

The Muda of Overproduction leads to new muda!

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