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Leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you re-design and optimise your processes. Our three step approach ensures your organisation will be empowered to meet the future of automation and artificial intelligence.

Our Approach:

1. Uncover Process Improvements

Your current processes must be optimised in order for automation to be not only effective but also worth the investment.  A poorly implemented automation system can cost you dearly and threaten your bottom line.  The purpose of automation is to augment, rather than replace, existing procedures.  Therefore, a vital first step for your teams is to step back, evaluate current process flows and re-design to optimise as required.

2. Embed a Design Thinking Mindset

Design thinking is more a mindset than a set methodology.  Actually, at Toyota, the business culture is based on two core values that the west would call Lean and Design Thinking.  Even the Founder of Toyota himself embedded the motto, "Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times."  Taichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System began pushing his teams to think and creatively solve problems for themselves.  This creativity and problem solving mind set has become entrenched within Toyota and is one of the reasons for their success in innovation.  Through Design Thinking exercises, we will assist your teams in re-defining problems and pro-actively work to create solutions. 

3. Mobilise Organisation-Wide Know How and Expertise

One of the biggest mistakes that an organisation can do is hire consultants to fix problems for them.  Would it surprise you to know that, Toyota does not hire consultants?  It is a core value at Toyota that teams must learn to handle problems for themselves.  This is not only a very empowering philosophy but also a business strategy: Lessons learned and problem solving skills remain in house and can be further leveraged to drive internally created innovation.  

At Process Improvement Japan, we can help you embed this high performing culture within your organisation to ensure the knowledge within your teams is leveraged to the benefit of the organisation whilst enhancing team member satisfaction and motivation. 

Toyota's method on how to mobilise team know how, communication and conflict resolution skills will be delivered to embed a new way of working.

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