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Take a closer look at what makes Angela M Corriero tick and how she envisions to contribute to global business process improvement. With a diverse range of international experiences, Angela Corriero has gained a global perspective on development and kaizen`s place in the world.

Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

South Korean Army Intelligence
Above Photo:Angela M Corriero with South Korean Army Colonels in Panmunjeon, the De-militarized Zone(DMZ)In 2000, Angela Corriero attended the first ever South Korean Army social visit to Panmunjeon, the Joint Security Area in the middle of the DMZ, between North and South Korea, where negotiations between the two sides are held. She attended with South Korean Army Colonels and a few civilians.

Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

Angela M Corriero was a Communications Instructor for South Korean Army Intelligence in 2000. This was a unique opportunity that gave her a deep insight, not only into the South Korean culture, but also the fundamental political and security issues that face the North and South Korean people. "I was working in South Korea when the Presidents of North and South Korea met for the first time since the Korean War. The soldiers in my class wept as we watched the meeting on television." Angela recalls.
Above Photo: Angela M Corriero with her class of Sergeants at South Korean Army Intelligence School of Foreign Languages.

Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

In 2006 - 2007, Angela Corriero worked and lived in Ethiopia. First, for a human rights organization and then in private enterprise. She experienced the often harsh realties faced by the local people. She was also impressed with their passion and drive.
Above Photo, Angela is sitting with the King of the Oromo people at his wedding ceremony. The King is sitting at the back. Angela was the first foreigner the King had ever met. The King, although having no political power, exercises moral authority over the Oromo people of the area. Angela Corriero, Process Improvement Japan
Left Photo, Angela M Corriero is in rural Ethiopia attending the King of the Oromo people`s wedding wearing the traditional Oromo dress.
The Oromo tribe is the largest tribe in Ethiopia although the Amhara tribe have the political power.

Angela Corriero`s experience in Ethiopia gave her a serious reality check on the realities of life, personal security and human, especially women`s rights. Ethiopia is an incredible country with a long full history. It has vast, underdeveloped resources and poor infrastructure. After her time in Ethiopia, Angela Corriero says, "I grew up."

Angela Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

Left Photo: Angela M Corriero with Mr. Yasuhito Yamauuchi, former Managing Director, The Toyota Motor Corporation and current Executive Vice Chairman, Aisin Seki (A major Toyota company & Fortune 500 Company)
Now residing in Nagoya, Japan, Angela Corriero is highly energized to unleash the power of the Toyota Production System into the world - both in developed and emerging market economies. "There`s so much wisdom in the business systems in Japan", Angela Corriero states, "It`s truly amazing. With the cross cultural communication sensitivity I have gained over the years, I hope to bring Japan and the world together to achieve good business. It has to be win-win business in order to be sustainable. Japan is at a time where they need the world in order to expand. At the same time, the world needs Japan - their process improvement know-how, skills and wisdom. Process Improvement Japan`s aim is to positively contribute to the merging of Japan and the world - for the betterment of the world.

Angela M. Corriero

Right Photo: Angela M Corriero delivers a Negotiation seminar at a Toyota Motor Corporation supplier in Aichi, Japan."Japanese, North American, Australian, African, Middle Eastern, South American and European cultural communication systems are incredibly different. In order to create great and effective win-win agreements, a solid understanding of each other`s values and mind sets are vital." Angela Corriero asserts, "Mere language skills don`t cut it. We have to really understand how the cultures we are dealing with see the world and how they view relationship and business development. We need global communication skills to solve global issues." Angela Corriero, Process Improvement Japan, Kaizen success

Left Photo: Angela Corriero with engineers celebrating a successful kaizen implementation at their plant."This plant is a buzz of positive energy," Angela Corriero says, "The pride and sense of ownership in the workers as they challenge themselves to do continuous process improvement is an inspiration."

Angela Corriero, Process improvement Japan

Above Photo: Angela M. Corriero with Kozo Sakano and The Plant Manager and staff of a Toyota Motor Corporation supplier.
"This plant is truly top notch." Angela Corriero attests, "The staff actively perform kaizen, the plant lives by the lean management philosophy and The Toyota Production System as well as lean 5s. What`s more, there is an incredibly high level of motivation in the workplace here. I am proud to be a part of their team and assist them in the globalization of their business affairs."

Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan Left Photo: Angela M. Corriero attending an on-site plant lecture on Visual Management. "The Toyota Production System has a very sophisticated yet easily identifiable visual management strategies that makes plant communication highly efficient and effective." Angela Corriero states.

Angela M Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

Right Photo: Angela Corriero with her daughter, Tinashe Roese and Mr. Morita, Chairman, Morita Enterprises and brother of the founder of Sony Corporation, 2010.

Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan Thailand
Left Photo: Angela M. Corriero at a Muay Thai Boxing Camp in Thailand, 2006. "Above all, I want to contribute to global development in a way that will truly benefit all parties involved. I`ve lived, travelled and experienced the pleasures and horrors of the world. I`ve lived in the above mentioned places plus Israel, Australia, and Canada. I understand the mass complications in international affairs and business development. It`s a great challenge. I see The Toyota Way of process improvement, kaizen, Total Quality Management and Lean 5s as a powerful force that can improve the way the world does business."

Angela M Corriero, Process Improvement Japan Myanmar 2006
Left Photo: Angela Corriero travelled through the waterways between Thailand and Myanmar, eventually ending up in Kawthoung, South Myanmar. "It was a quick trip and an eye opener. The children taught me a thing or two about sales," Angela Corriero recalls.

Angela Corriero, Process Improvement Japan

Israel, 1998
Right Photo: Angela Corriero spent four months studying and traveling through Israel and Palestine.She studied Culture and Conflict Studies at the University of Tel Aviv, lived in a Kibbutz and stayed with a Palestinian family near Nazareth.

Angela M Corriero

Palestine, 1998
Left Photo: Angela M Corriero spent an extensive time with the locals. "They were bright, passionate and eager to communicate. The girls were keen to teach me to dance - I was in awe at how easily they could move their hips!" She says.

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