English Class Bonnenkai 2010

Sango English class members gathered at Maruho, a beautiful sushi restaurant in Kanayama on Satuday November 27th for a fun-filled Bonnenkai. Everyone was in high spirits drinking beer and sake, eating delicious food and joking around. Some members even performed some Karaoke!

Angela challenged Mr. Seki to run a marathon in 1 hour, 30 minutes. If he can do so....She agreed to sing karaoke with him at the next Sango event! Angela wishes Mr. Seki the best but is very nervous about singing with him. Photo provided by Mr. Mizuno.

Arbor Day 2010

By Mr. Suzuki

COP10 was held in Nagoya and increasing of environmental awareness is expected. A tree-planting ceremony was held at Toyohashi plant on October 2. 155 people in total participated in the tree-planting ceremony. This tree-planting ceremony was the second at this plant. The first was held on March 28, 2009. The trees from the first event are growing well.1560 trees were planted along 160m of the factory on the west side this time. 30 kinds of tree were planted.

After the tree-planting ceremony, we ate lunch and played bingo. Kei Inoue, a new employee, got the bingo prize. We are looking forward to seeing the tree thrive.

By Mr. Takezoe:

Arbor Day (Tree Planting Ceremony) in Yawatayama Plant. The second Arbor Day was held at the Yawatayama Plant on November 28, 2010. (The first was held on April 19, 2009) This time Dr. Miyawaki and about 700 people participated. 45 kinds of trees and a total of 3,000 trees were planted. This year, more seedlings were planted than last time. The trees from last year`s planting are older than 18 months now and are steadily growing.

Akira Miyawaki, Professor Emeritus, Yokohama National University, Focuses on the potential natural vegetation of the native wood land at home and abroad, and mixed tree species planted many types of forests that make up the "tree planting planting dense type,". Photo and quotes from the website of Yokohama National University(http://www.ynu.ac.jp/)

Sango`s Event - Tokyo Disney Tour

By Mr. Fujibayashi:

On Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of Golden Week 2010, My family participated in the Tokyo Disney Resort Tour planned by Sango's union. This tour was very popular and we took 4 buses. We left Yawatayama plant at 6 a.m. We were able to see Mt.Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree under construction from the bus windows. We arrived at Hilton Tokyo Bay at noon. We had free time until noon the next day. My family enjoyed Disney Sea to the full into the night and enjoyed Disneyland to the full early in the morning the next day. The weather was fine on both days. Disney Sea and Disneyland were not crowded, so we could get on many rides and see many attractions. And the hotel was very comfortable. It was a very satisfying weekend.


Futsul @ Sango

By Mr. Azechi:

I belong to Sango's futsul team. The team name is "Coral FC". In Japanese ,"Sango" means "Coral". Our members are between 23 and 34 years old . We have about 20 members . 3~4 primary school students also join us. The student's parents are Sango's employees. There are many members of Fukuda factory but some members come from the Toyota factory. We welcome everyone! You can bring your kids to our night time trainig sessions. Please let me know, if you are interested in joining any time. k-azechi@sango.co.jp. Thank you.

Soccer - An International Sport

By Mr. Sawada

Soccer is a kind of football played all over the world. It is a team competition. The aim is to score more goals than the other team. The official name is `association football` and when `er` is added to `assoc` it is `assoccer` Then it is said that it changed further to `Soccer`.

Soccer was born in the 19th century in England. It doesn`t need any special equipment except a ball and the rules are simple. Therefore, it spread widely to both developed and developing countries. Soccer is played all over the world by people of different races, ages and sexes. 202 countries and their soccer societies are members of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). There are over 240 million soccer participants in the world!


Sumiyoshi Restaurant

By Mr. Hayakawa:

This restaurant is near my house. It is located in Toukai city near Tyubu Airport. The restaurant name is SUMIYOSHI. This restaurant's chef-owner studied in Italy,when he was young. So this restaurant's menu is a mix of Jpanese and Italian foods. The dish in the photo is SISO CHISE PORK CUTLET. SISO is perills. Perilla is like a spicy grass. There are in perilla chise and pork. It is this restaurant`s original dish. It 's is very delicious. Please try it sometime.

Tsukuda`s Choice

By Mr. Tsukuda:

This restrant is famous in the area for extra spicy noodle dishes. There is often a line up outside on weekend. They serve really delicious food. But,The manager is very unfriendly. He usually doesn`t say "May I help you" I was a little angry, too. But, I go many times because it is delicious. My recommendations are Taiwan ramen and Daikichihan. These are very spicy. These dishes are my obsession. Please go if you have a chance.

The restaurant`s name is a secret....If you want to know more about it, please ask Mr. Tsukuda.


Kourankei & The Otaki Valley

By Mr. Kato:

Our hobby is taking road trips. We like to explore some sightseening places in the Tokai area. First I will intruduce a famous sighteening place. The Tokai area has a lot of famous places. Kourankei in Tokai, is a great place, especially during this season. It a famous place for colored leaves. There are 4000 colored leaves. It is illuminated at night. We can foods of all kinds there too.Including Sparrrow meat and fried manju or Goheimochi.

By Mr. Minami:

The hidden treasure that I would like to introduce is an "Otaki Valley". It is located in Matsudaira,Toyota city. From Toyota city station it takes about 40 minutes. At the Otaki Valley, you can view the changing autumn leaves. There is a path along the Otaki Valley among the trees, I can enjoy going on a hike. You must go at least once on your life!