"The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work."*

Process Improvement Japan News issue #1

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In This Issue:

1) Former Executive Managing Director of The Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Yasuhito Yamauuchi, discusses the link between effective TQM, Kaizen and motivation in the workplace.

2) Lean 5s Expert and Trainer, Mr. F. Hayakawa discusses the vital role 5s plays in lean management.

Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation in the workplace is key!

An exclusive interview with Executive Vice Chairman Yasuhito Yamauuchi, Aisin Seki, Japan.

Aisin Seki is one of the major Toyota Group companies. It is also a fortune 500 company. Mr. Yamauchi, elected Vice Chairman in 2009, served as the President of Aisin Seki from 2005 to 2009. Prior to that, he was Executive Managing Director of The Toyota Motor Corporation from 2001 to 2005. Managing all production plants internationally.

Process Improvement Japan had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Yasuhito Yamauuchi to discuss his views on Total Quality Management and Lean Kaizen implementation. What came out was the link between successful lean management and motivation in the workplace. An understanding, Mr. Yamauuchi says, excellent companies around the world have in common.

Managing Success

“Effective Total Quality Management and Lean Kaizen implementation starts with the thorough implementation of the job`s basic work standards. After standardization has been decided, it has to be practiced exactly.

In order to practice the standards perfectly, workers must know the true meaning and value of each standard – not only in theory. They must have the skill and knowledge to put it into practice. Then, it is the supervisor`s duty to check and confirm the standards have been put into practice exactly.

The role of the supervisor is a very important one. Education and training to supervisors is essential. We create standardization based on the supervisor`s skill and knowledge; with the benefits for the company in mind. Supervisors are the link between the front line workers and upper management.To become a supervisor at Toyota Motor Corporation or Aisin Seki, takes a lot of experience.

Where Gemba kaizen comes in

Sometimes, implementation of work standards is not enough. The operators may carry out the work sequence and standards but feel some uneasiness – this is the time for them to suggest kaizen.
The key is to create a working environment where workers can suggest improvements.

Work standards must be followed, but once workers realize that a particular standard is not enough, it is the time for kaizen. When there is a need for Kaizen, supervisors must be able to improve the work sequence or fix the abnormality. Motivation in the workplace creates momentum for effective gemba kaizen implementation

For the full interview with Mr. Yamauuchi, click here.

5s or Profit Loss

An interview with 5s Expert & Trainer, Mr. F. Hayakawa of Sango Co. Ltd., Japan

Sango Co. Ltd. is a Toyota supplier of exhaust systems. It is a privately owned company with 6 International production bases and over 5000 employees.

Process Improvement Japan had a chance to chat with Mr. Hayakawa about the vital business practice of 5s. It became clear that 5s is a great tool for cost reduction – not just in the factory but in all divisions of a successful company.

5s: The foundation of success

“Effective 5s implementation is the foundation of our success,” states Mr. Hayakawa, “But it is not a target, it is a tool. An essential tool for cost reduction and profit maximization.
The results are increased productivity, reduced defect rates and improved work place safety.

Sango is proud to have achieved 5 years of no accidents, 3 years of extremely low levels of defects and machine breakdowns.

“Good 5s was fundamental to this achievement. “ Mr. Hayakawa asserts. “A few years ago, our company neglected 5s and we experienced a lot of machine breakdowns. Our company system is part of The Toyota Production System. This means that if one of our line stops, we can`t send our parts to Toyota. 5s is vital.”

For more details on lean 5s, click here.

Special notes:

Quotation: "The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work." is accredited to Agha Hasan Abedi.

Top Photo: Mr. Yasuhito Yamauuchi, Aisin Seki left, Ms. Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan, right.

Second Photo: Mr. F. Hayakawa, Sango Co. Ltd., left, Ms. Angela M. Corriero, Process Improvement Japan, right.

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