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Finding The Zen in Kaizen
May 01, 2014

Process Improvement Japan

In This Issue:

1) The Zen in Kaizen

2) Capacity Building for Stronger Regions

3) Japan Study Tour June 2014 - Join Us!

The Zen in Kaizen

Every aspects of a business is a process - Manufacturing, design, purchasing, sales, human resources and administration.

Japan, as a country, has a long tradition of lean process management. Japanese tend to think of purpose first, then set a goal and create a reasonable, logical process to get what they want. In other cultures, people tend to be result oriented and push for an outcome- regardless of the methods they use. The ease of the process is rarely considered. In Japan, they have the opposite philosophy - they are process oriented and therefore the result naturally comes. Understanding business process improvement fundamentals means understanding this mind set.

This is the ZEN in the Kaizen philosophy.

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Capacity Building for Stronger Regions

Economic stimulation on the local level is increasingly being recognised as the key to regional resilience. As such, regional capacity building initiatives have moved into development models that build on the local economic context, embedded competencies and social structures.

We have been very impressed with a recent program in regional Victoria, Australia based on economic gardening principles of infrastructure, information and connections and tailored to the specific needs of small-to-medium enterprises with high growth potential.

To view the full article in the Journal of Economic and Social Policy

Japan Study Tour June 2014 - Join us!

Join us for an insider`s experience of The Toyota Production System in action through our study tour & on site training with our established ties with top Toyota Motor Corporation suppliers. We also offer you the unique opportunity to consult directly with lean production experts in the field in English and/or with full translation service.

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