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Efficiency in the Food Industry & Reflecting on Kaizen Philosophy
November 24, 2013

Process Improvement Japan

In This Issue:

1) Lean Restaurant Management Systems & Methods in Japan

2) Reflecting on Kaizen Philosophy & its Wisdom

Lean Restaurant Management Systems & Methods in Japan

Last month, Process Improvement Japan had the opportunity to introduce an international client to the restaurant and food industry in Japan. The methods, efficiency and quality standards were truly impressive. We even had a highly insightful lesson on restaurant economics by an esteemed food consultant.

For the full article, click here.

Kaizen Philosophy

In this age of technical analysis and rationalization, it is easy to forget the fundamental philosophy that has given strength to Toyota`s kaizen efforts over the decades. "Kaizen", meaning "improvement" in English is not only a technique but a living, breathing philosophy that must not be overlooked. To do so would make your improvement efforts short lived.

To reflect on the kaizen philosophy, click here.

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