Process Improvement Japan News issue #4

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In This Issue:

1) Toyota Way`s take on The Theory of Constraints - We speak with Mr. Kato, Toyota`s fmr. Managing Director & current Advisor to Aisan Industries.

2) Continuous Improvement Process & Europe`s Recovery - an interview with Dr. Martinkó, Director of Alliance Jura-Hongrie Holding S.A

3) Office Kaizen - Japanese companies and government offices are targeting a 30% cost down by eliminating unnecessary office waste (no employee cuts). You can too.

4) SPOTLIGHT: Gergo Halasi - Process Improvement Japan welcomes its newest member.

5)Japan News now on video! Catch news & updates on what`s happening in Japan`s manufacturing industry.

Theory of Constraints

Process Improvement Japan had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Yoshito Kato, fmr Managing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation & President of Aisan Industries. Mr. Kato is serves as Advisor to Aisan Industries and Auditor to MoriSeki Corporation.

The theory of constraints looks at all the weaknesses within an organization and strategizes on how to improve upon them. During our discussion with Mr. Kato, he directed us to this question:
What prevents the smooth flow of business operations?

For the full interview, click here.

The Continuous Improvement Process

A strategy for European Recovery & Prosperity

The E.U was established and developed to become a viable force in worldwide competition. But Europe is losing in the world game of competition. The biggest reason, Dr. Martinkó believes, is the loss of Europe`s manufacturing industries.

"We hope to be able to adopt Japanese lean production principles & the continuous improvement process in order to gain market share and competitive advantage. We see a great opportunity in office kaizen across the board, in all sectors." Dr. Martinkó explains.

For the full interview, click here.

5s Principles for the Office

Office Kaizen is becoming a big focus point in Japan at the moment. "At the production site, we systematically implement kaizen and 5s every day as a matter of policy. In the office, however, we are missing so many opportunities for cost reduction," says a manager in the Toyota Group. "We are now targeting the office." Process Improvement Japan`s affiliate is currently working with local government offices on a 30% cost down project. "The amount of waste in an office is unbelievable." he says.

Process Improvement Japan announces it`s new 5s Principles for the Office E-Guide. Ready for instant download for ¥1,599 Japanese yen.

SPOTLIGHT: Gergo Halasi

Process Improvement Japan welcomes its newest member, Mr. Gergo Halasi. As our new Business Development Manager, Gergo is actively linking companies around the world to our process improvement training and consultancy. "The Toyota Way is so sophisticated and practical. I am excited to join Process Improvement Japan as I see so many opportunities to assist organizations rise to global standards by adopting techniques and strategies from the Toyota Production System."
Fully fluent in English and Japanese, Gergo holds an MBA from Nagoya University of Commerce and Business and is based in Nagoya, Japan.

For Gergo Halasi`s full profile, click here

Japan News now on video!

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