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Who We Are

Kozo Sakano
Co-Founder & Director

Specialty: The Toyota Production System
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In 1985, Mr. Sakano established Excel International Inc., Institute of Culture, Communication and Business Consulting in Nagoya, Japan. He has served clients primarily in the Japanese manufacturing industry and specialized in developing tailor-made programs to suit individual corporate needs. Having become deeply involved in the education and training at Toyota and its group companies, Mr, Sakano specifically focuses on globalization and international operations including the study of the Toyota Production System and other plant management methodologies. Mr. Sakano has visited a number of Gemba (Production sites) all over the world. Mr. Sakano is also engaged in specialized orientations for Toyota top executives in the area of global operations strategic advice. Mr. Sakano taught Mr. Nemoto, Former President of Toyota Gosei and Executive at Toyota Motor Corporation. He has also taught a former President of Aisin. Mr. Sakano is heavily involved in process improvement research and education. He is a member of The Yamauuchi Kai Association, headed by the Vice Chairman of Aisin, focusing on the study and expansion of Total Quality Management.

Mr. Sakano, awarded the Asian and Pacific Scholarship, studied Communication at the Graduate School of the University of Hawaii.

He has lectured to business students from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, IPADE Buisness School (PanAmerican Institute for High Business Direction), EDHEC Business School,France, and Stockholm School of Business, Russia on TQM and Process Improvement. He has extensive contacts in the Japanese manufacturing industry. 

Mr. Sakano is the author of several educational books including:  Business leadership, Plant Communication, and The Japanese/English Industrial Dictionary. (Excel Press)

Sachi Sakano, Co-ordinator, Process Improvement Japan

Sachi Sakano

Specialty: HR Development & Office Kaizen

Ms. Sakano has 5 years experience in HR Development & Training within the Toyota Group. Ms. Sakano brings her intimate knowledge of the internal operations and administrative quality control standards that have brought The Toyota Group to international repute.

Our Friends & Mentors

Process Improvement Japan, Japan`s earthquake disaster and manufacturing news

Above Photo: Angela M. Corriero left, Mr. Yasuhito Yamauchi, fmr TMC Senior Managing Director & current Aisin Seki Vice Chairman center, Kozo Sakano, right.

Above Photo: Mr. Kato, fmr President, Aisan Industries & current Mori Seki Advisor, left, with Angela Corriero and Kozo Sakano.

Below Photo: Mr. Narita, Curator, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya, Japan with Angela Corriero and Kozo Sakano.

Above Photo: A model of success: Toyota supplier plant management team & engineers.

Process Improvement Japan

Above Photo: Members of a first rate Toyota supplier. "This company exemplifies what TPS is all about." Kozo Sakano

We greatly respect and appreciate our friends and mentors in the Japanese manufacturing industry and Toyota Motor Corporation related companies. Their experience, knowledge and support make it possible for us to convey the Toyota Way to the world.


Fushimi Fuji Building
5F Sakae 2-1-10,
Naka ku, Nagoya City 460 0008
Phone: + 81- 90 9934 9761

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