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September 18, 2018

In This Issue:

1) Take the Quiz! What Kind of Negotiator Are You?

2) Mastering Influence - Tips & Techniques

3)CPD Approved! Our Negotiating for Success - Fundamentals from the Harvard Program on Negotiation has been endorsed by FOUR Australian Professional Associations

What Kind of Negotiator Are You?

Without even realising it, we negotiate every day. Every interaction with another human being about a desired outcome is a negotiation.

With your family and friends - Pizza or Burgers on Friday night? Buying a property, a salary review, a disagreement with a neighbour. As we've all experienced, these interactions can either create happiness or an argument. Everyone will be happy, no one will be happy or a mixture of both.

Great negotiators are able to navigate the dynamics in the conversation to create a best outcome. How do they do that?

Well, the first step is self awareness. Take the Harvard quiz on what kind of negotiator you tend to be and let's go from there.

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Mastering Influence

3 Techniques to Succeed at Influencing Others

Getting others to agree to your idea...It's a challenge we all face whether as professionals or parents. It's an important skill and especially powerful and meaningful when applied with integrity.

Here are 3 techniques from the Harvard Program on Negotiation to help improve influencing skills.

1) Focus on Meeting Needs rather than Asserting your Views Consider this story taken from Getting to Yes, By Roger Fisher and William Ury: Two Men are quarreling in a library. One wants the window open and the other wants it closed. They bicker back and forth about how much to leave it open: a crack, halfway, three quarters of the way. No solution satisfies them.

Enter the librarian. She asks one why he wants the window open: "To get some fresh air." She asks the other why he wants it closed. "To avoid the draft." After thinking a minute, she opens wide a window in the next room, bringing in fresh air without a draft.

Click here for the full article on Mastering Influence

CPD Approved!

We are very proud to announce that our Negotiating for Success - Fundamentals from the Harvard Program on Negotiation has been endorsed by several professional associations in Australia for Continuous Professional Development. Members can earn the following CPD points:

REIV members - 16 Points

MFAA members - 12 Points

FBAA members - 5 Points

NIBA members - 10 Points

LIV members - 12 Points

Click here for more info on CPD programs and dates

Would you like your organisation or professional association to consider our programs? Contact us to register your interest. We run programs internationally.

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Angela & Sakano,

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