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Process Improvement Japan is proud to announce our affiliation with Mitra Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia , a top notch training and consulting firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Process Improvement Japan recognizes the quality of Mitra Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia`s services. We add our seal of approval to their 5S Training Programs and certify their courses.

Angela Corriero spoke with Hendra Pribadi, Director of Mitra Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia on their origins and aspirations:

Q. What inspired you to form Mitra Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia?
A. There is an identified need for 5S training and lean kaizen in Indonesia. Due to the dramatic and rapid development of the manufacturing industry in Indonesia, there is high demand for qualified and skilled workers. The current situation many companies face is that staff are unfamiliar with how to correctly implement the fundamental basics of lean manufacturing - 5S and Kaizen. This lack of correct 5S implementation and employee engagement in kaizen has consequences right through the organization; such as workplace safety issues, unnecessary manufacturing of defective parts, lack of employee engagement and morale, lack of cost competitiveness. Time and money are being wasted. This is unnecessary and endangers the prosperity of not only the company, but also of the workers and the society at large.

Q. What benefits of correct 5S implementation have you personally witnessed within organizations?
A.Efficiency, stock minimization and profit increase. Employee engagement is also definitely improved. With participation in just simple tasks such as 5S`s Sort and Set in Order, staff are given the opportunity to get involved, express their ideas and feel part of accomplishing something positive. The positive effects of this activity cannot be underestimated.

Mitra Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia offers training programs and consultancy services in 5S and Kaizen for the manufacturing plant as well as the office.

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