The 5s Red Tag

5s Red Tag, Process Improvement Japan

Lean 5s is one of the essential lean manufacturing tools. It is also equally important when implementing a lean office system and office kaizen.

Lean 5s comes from the Japanese 5s system. The steps are:

Set in Order


¥799 Japanese Yen value, yours for free!

Although the concept is simple and straight forward, the results & benefits come when the 5s principles are implemented:

  • In an orderly & strategic fashion
  • Team or division or company wide
  • With the value of the 5s process understood by all staff
  • With a long term commitment & management support

For detailed information on Lean 5s, click here.

For more on Office Kaizen, click here.

5s implementation - actually getting down to the business of doing it - can be overwhelming at times. There are 5s supplies and 5s training available to support your organization.

For details on 5s Principles into Practice Training and Downloadable Packages, click here.

Useful 5s Supplies include:

  • 5s Red Tags
  • 5s Checklist
  • 5s Standards Sheet
  • 5s Audit Template

All of these 5s supplies will be made available on our website and in the 5s Email Course offered on our 5s Principles into Practice page.

5S Red Tags - A Useful Sorting Tool

The red tag is a useful tool to help the sorting process - in the factory, warehouse, or office. These tags are used to identify unnecessary items that need to be either thrown out, recycled, sold or relocated. They are especially useful as a visual management tool as they easily communicate visually to other staff members that the tagged items are unneeded/unwanted.

If it`s just you and a couple of other people implementing 5s, The 5s red tag may not be necessary. Actually, in Japan, they are not used. When are red tags useful?

  • If you need more visual control over your sorting process
  • The area is very large
  • There are many employees or multiple shifts and you want to effectively communicate which items have been deemed unnecessary
  • The sorting process will take an extended period of time and you need to keep track of which items are unnecessary

Download Your Free Tags Here

The 5s Red Tag, Process Improvement Japan

¥799 Japanese Yen value, yours for free!

Click here to download your free red tags.

Simply download the above pdf. file, print in color on your desired paper. Thicker paper will make sturdier red tags. Put tape on the back of them or punch holes in the top center of each red tag (designed as a ninja star) and attach a string if desired to hang around unnecessary items.

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