5s Principles
Online Training

Lean 5s is key to the success of lean manufacturing & lean office organization. if you`re looking for no-nonsense training on 5s principles with relevant 5s examples, here it is.

A good lean 5s condition ensures:

  • Cost reduction
  • Better, safer working conditions
  • Improved efficiency
  • Elimination of waste and unnecessary items
  • Reduced defects and machine breakdowns
  • Less stress and frustration
  • Creation of a disciplined and motivated team

5s Principles
Online Training Package

Lean 5s is not something you can study in theory - it`s what you do. This 5 week training package introduces you to Japanese 5s - one per week - with implementation assignments. Through this program, we will also introduce you to how to set up 5s standards within your organization.

5s Package Includes

  • Introduction to the Japanese 5s Principles for the Office Guidebook
  • Weekly lesson with 5s examples and strategies for both the office and production site
  • 5s Poster - Manga style to communicate to your staff
  • 5s Red Tag Template - ready to print and use


  • Week 1: Sort Worksheet
  • Week 2: 2s Audit Checksheet
  • Week 3: Shine Checklist
  • Week 4: Standardization Guidelines & 5s Meeting Guidelines
  • Week 5: 5s Audit Checklist
Upon purchase, you can easily send all or parts of the course material to division leaders or employees throughout the company.
5s Email Course

5s Email Course price:
$ 75 USD

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Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy, we are not happy. Please simply let us know and we`ll issue you a refund straight away.

5s Lean Manufacturing Testimonial:
“Effective 5s implementation is the foundation of our success. It is not a target, it is a tool. The 5s process is a tool for cost reduction and profit maximization. The results are increased productivity, reduced defect rates and improved work place safety. Our plant is proud to have achieved 5 years of no accidents and 3 years of extremely low levels of defects and machine breakdowns.

Good 5s was fundamental to this achievement. A few years ago, our company neglected the 5s process and we experienced a lot of machine breakdowns. Our company system is part of The Toyota Production System. This means that if one of our line stops, we can`t send our parts to Toyota. 5s is vital.”
Preventative Maintenance Department, Toyota Motor Corporation Supplier Company, Japan.

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