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Our mission is to challenge the status quo within your organization.
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Man was created as a being who should constantly keep improving, a being who on reaching one goal sets a higher one.- Ralph Ransom

Japan Study Tours 2017 - Join us!
Join us in Nagoya, Japan to see for your self the potential of implementing strategic process improvement strategies. Meet with experts in the field at Toyota Group companies and visit quality award winning factories. Private tours available. Please enquire for details.

World Quality Day Conference 2017 in Tunisia - Join us!
November 9

What We Do

We break down Japan`s infamously effective and efficient business process culture to uncover the surprisingly simple steps behind Japan`s, and specifically Toyota Motor Company`s success. With information, practical tools, worksheet templates, and case studies direct from experts in the field, you will be privy to the fundamentals of this unique business style that drives innovation.

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From The Experts:

"Improvement after improvement, that has been my guiding principle in my more than three decades of service with Toyota Motors and its affiliates." Mr. Masao Nemoto, Fmr Managing Director, Toyota Motor Corporation

"Continuous Process Improvement is the cornerstone of the Toyota Production System." Kozo Sakano, Co-Founder & Co-Director, Process Improvement Japan

Targets will be met by waste elimination (TPS`s 7 kinds). "In order to eliminate waste continually, and thus have a continuous improvement system, there must be employee engagement." Mr. Yasuhito Yamauchi, Fmr Snr. Managing Director, Toyota Motor Corporation.

"One scholar in the U.S said that Toyota`s workers are very competitive because they are always prepared to learn, solve problems and adapt." Mr. Akira Takahashi, Fmr. Chairman, Denso Corporation

"5s is the foundation of our success." Preventative Maintenance Trainer, Toyota Group Company.

Can your organization afford not to improve?

プロセス改善日本(Process Improvement Japan) のミッションは、日本の誤解を生むほどにずば抜けて効果的、効率的なビジネス・プロセスの文化を紐解き、 日本の、特にトヨタの驚くほど簡潔なステップを明らかにすることです。 専門家からの直伝の情報、実践的なツール、ワークシート、テンプレート、事例研究をもちいて、活力と利益を生みだす独創的なビジネス・スタイルの基本事項お伝えいたします。様々な困難な問題への取り組みの仕方や解決を施しながら皆様の事業を改革してまいりましょう。和の様式で、禅のこころで。

The key point is, do you and your staff accept what the current situation at your company is or are you actively identifying problems and inefficiencies and finding creative solutions? Are your company employees active or passive when it comes to the success and survival of your organization?


In many Japanese companies, specifically within The Toyota Motor Corporation and its related organizations, improvement is a way of life. Process improvement and innovative development are necessary components to their success and survival. Without it, they would not thrive. Process Improvement & Innovation is a mind set, not merely a method. Process Improvement is a company-wide, total participation commitment to actively seeking leaner and better ways of doing business with total quality control. The continuous improvement process, kaizen, the 5s process and employee engagement are the reasons why Japan thrives in the face of intensive competition and resource scarcity.

数多くの日本企業、特にトヨタやその関連企業ではプロセス改善は組織仕入れ先ネットワークでは当たり前のこととなっています。企業の成功や生き残りには不可欠な構成要素なのです。それなしでは繁繁栄はありません。プロセス改善は単に手法ではありません。姿勢の問題であります。 プロセス改善は全社的な、全員参加の関わりであり、積極的にリーンな事業展開方法を求め、高品質を高めて行くものです。絶えざる改善、全員参加が、厳しい競争と資源枯渇の直面しても日本が繁栄する理由なのです。



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